Infertility Ayurvedic Treatment in Panvel, Navi Mumbai

There was once a time, when treating infertility was almost impossible. Looking at the current scenario, infertility has innumerable treatments, Aryuveda being one of the highly recommend ones. At Vishwaved Ayurveda Clinic we understand the pain of our patients and treat them with utmost care and certainty that one day they will behold a child of their own.

To reproduce healthy baby, both the seeds i.e. female ovum and male sperm should be healthy during conception. The physical as well as mental health should be at equilibrium so that the all the good qualities can be passed on to your child. As, to grow a plant from a seed we require a healthy seed, good quality soil, proper environment etc., similarly to expect a good healthy baby both husband and wife should be healthy (during conception)


Infertility is the inability to conceive a child. A couple may be considered infertile if, after one year of regular sexual intercourse, without contraception, the woman has not become pregnant (and there is no other reason, such as breastfeeding or postpartum amenorrhea).

Why Choose us over other Aryuvedic and Scientific Facilities?

Sincerity, we believe is the first element that goes in the making of a successful achievement, and treating infertility is one which must be treated with utmost devotion and dedication. That is our aim, and we strive to achieve it.


At Vishwaved Ayurveda, we treat thousands of patients with chronic ailments. Infertility too is a disease which must be treated with high seriousness and therefore, transparency, we believe, is the best parameter to start with. If by any chance, it is proven through the tests and other parameters that conceiving a child for a pair would never be a possibility, we make it clear.

We have also adapted to new developments and have transparent price scenario.

Modern Parameters and Facilities

At our clinic, though we choose to go the natural way with the treatment of infertility, we make sure that nothing hinders the path of the treatment. It is therefore that we have inculcated the use of modern parameters such as Modern machinery for sonography, X-Ray and other tests.


Vishwaved Ayurveda has been proven to be one of India’s leading name in the Ayurvedic Industry of treatment, especially in case of infertility.

Acclaimed Specialists and Experts

We have a team of highly acclaimed Ayurveda Specialists, Embryologists and Counsellors.

We Go The Natural Way

Nature has provided us with elements that we have been using to our benefit since times immemorial. Scientific methods and medicines, as useful as they have proven to be, are just a modified form of the nature’s essence. We treat you with that essence in its most natural forms.


As we had mentioned, we have an acclaimed team of specialists who not only treat you so as to cure infertility, but also stand by your side to be a source of constant support and guidance.

Easy Payment Options

As we told you about price transparency, we make payments all the easier for you through the options of online transactions.

Success Rate

With expert treatment, supervision and guidance, along with natural therapy, the success rate has been very high.

We know infertility is really painful and a stressful situation to be in. And for curing it we don’t want to burden you even more, thus we take the natural path in order to achieve success in curing it. We hope for you to entail your trust in us as we continue proving to be the best choice for treating infertility through Ayurveda.

Best Ayurvedic Treatment in Panvel and Khopoli

Welcome to Vishwaved Ayurveda – home to best Ayurvedic Treatment in Panvel and Khopoli. We provide patients an opportunity to discover deep and profound healing to explore their full potential of life. We provide the best Ayurvedic Treatment in Panvel and Khopoli which embodies ancient curative methods along with a profound objective to harness the flow of energy and natural healing powers of your body. We have a history of healing patients with ancient remedies, methods, and the best Ayurvedic Treatment in Panvel. Our Team of Professionals adhere to time proven strategies in order to provide the best Ayurvedic Treatment in Panvel and Khopoli.

Vishwaved Ayurveda is one of the promising ayurvedic healthcare centres offering congenial surrounding for various types of therapies. It provides timeless cures needed for healing from various ailments and to have a perfect effect on your mind and body. Our Team of Professionals adhere to time proven strategies to provide the best Ayurvedic Treatment in Panvel and Khopoli.

Why people choose our team of Ayurvedic Doctors for their Treatment?

Progress centric – The wellbeing of patients is our goal. Our Team of Ayurvedic Doctors use Natural remedies and Ayurvedic Treatment for patient care, and they do regular follow-ups to check up on the progress of the patients. The counselling with our Doctors has helped a lot of patients deal with their stress, anxiety, and depression. This makes the patient experience seamless and enjoyable for patients.

Promising Health care – The Doctors are focused on the improvement of the health of employees. Our Team of professionals use their years of experience and extensive knowledge to provide the right healthcare and the best Ayurvedic Treatment in Panvel and Khopoli. They ensure that the patients also understand their medical conditions. Since, it’s a preventive method; patients are made aware of a forward-thinking strategy that can help them to further avoid their ailment.

Personalised Treatment – For years, we have stood out for our services in patient care. We are concerned about our patient’s health and we try finding the root cause of all their problems.
The Treatment and diagnosis of any ailment in our clinic is provided depending upon each patient’s personal condition. This is our strength and the reason for attaining success in this approach.

Certified Professional – The authenticity of our treatment remains in the hand of our Professionals. We have the best team of Ayurvedic Doctors providing the best Ayurvedic Treatment in Panvel and Khopoli. The Doctors do a proper consultation; understand the cause of the illness or ailment before they diagnose all your physical and mental issues. This helps them to provide you the best Ayurvedic Treatment.

Vishwaved Ayurveda stands out for spiritual retreat, Ayurvedic Treatments, Panchkarma process and inner healing. Ayurveda is a lifestyle; it’s a therapy people take to cure their ailments which passes through natural filters and processes. It’s a preventive method and if followed properly can help possess more immunity against microbes attacking us.

Anytime you need a reason to find complete restoration of health you can book our Detox that works in an Ayurvedic Way & get a chance to live a healthy lifestyle that is completely stress free. So, find an opportunity to visit Vishwaved Ayurveda and discover your inner freedom.